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Affordable employer-sponsored insurance

If you are offered health insurance from your employer, it is considered "affordable" if your annual contribution (what comes out of your paycheck for the year) does not exceed (go over) 9.5% of your total gross annual household income.

If your employer offers affordable health insurance that meets minimum essential coverage requirements, you may not be eligible for certain subsidized health plan options.

Minimum essential coverage is the type of coverage you need to have to meet the individual responsibility requirement under the Affordable Care Act, or you may face a penalty when you file your taxes for the year.

This is defined as:

  • Coverage under certain government-sponsored plans
  • Employer-sponsored plans, with respect to any employee
  • Plans in the individual market
  • Grandfathered health plans
  • Any other health benefits coverage, such as a state health benefits risk pool, as recognized by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Minimum essential coverage does not include health insurance coverage consisting of excepted benefits, such as dental-only coverage.

Not sure if your employer-sponsored plan meets minimum essential coverage requirements? Ask your employer.

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